Registration Policy

To save your slot you need to book and confirm your participation prior to the event to secure your slot at the conference by paying your registration fee.


  • Online Registration:  Credit/Debit Card payments may be made through payment gateway and your card should have to be enabled with 3DS 2.0 encryption to make your payment kindly click the registration icon at respective conference website.
  • Offline Registration: For completing your offline registration the participant/applicant should contact respective conference manager. The conference manager will advice the procedure of the offline registration process and use and prefer your invoice number as a reference.
  • Only after the completion of full payment, registration forms will be accepted. After the registration completion we will provide you with a payment receipt of your registration confirmation. Registration fee will be increased according to the payment method (early/regular/on site).
  • Onsite Registration: Before entering to the conference hall you need to complete your payment process in advance Note: for onsite registration process we suggest you to get cash for your payment.